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This is a fangame based off of Love Live! School Idol Festival and games in that genre- however, instead of a rhythm game, it's a RPG! (Mainly because there are no good rhythm game makers out there...) Collect cute idols to bash monsters' heads in! Featuring the Net Idol group Rainbow Stardrops and the songs we cover!

Includes a scouting system with coupon scouting and a limited box; one battle stage based off of the first cover song; one story chapter; four rotating daily battle stages, harder than the main ones, with three more on the way very very soon; and the first event, that will run from January 5 to January 25. (Full Disclosure: this game uses your computer clock. Please don't cheat.) 

There will be an update every month, adding new battle stages, new story stages, and new cards! Every month, there will be a special box to pull a limited UR of a certain girl, but don't worry- if you missed it, it'll come back around the next time the month rolls around.

Please leave bug reports in the comments here or email them to rainbowstardropidols@gmail.com! Make sure to mention what version of the game you're playing. 

Latest Update: Tried to fix issue with the ending of Story Chapter 1-1; added Daily Bonus; Uploaded the correct file. (1/7/18)

(I have no idea if this works with macs. It's a RPGMaker game, I don't know if they're compatible. // There are three numbers in every build version (e.g. 1.1.3). The first number represents very major updates, that change lots of things about the game. The second number represents mandatory monthly updates that add new card sets and whatnot. The third number represents minor updates released to fix bugs and update assets. They are nonmandatory, as there is no way to notify you ingame and you will be automatically caught up when the next major update rolls around, but it's still recommended that you update every time there is one available.//Please always bug report every time you have a problem with idolization, as that is the most complicated part of the game, and I really don't want to have got something wrong.)

Known bugs/issues:

  • Many cards do not switch sprites when idolized. This is purely due to the fact that they do not have assets yet.
  • The 'event level' booth on the roof is closed due to difficulties with creating such a stat. If more than half the event goes by without a fix, the rewards will be edited and compensation will be distributed via an update. 


LL!RD 1.1.1 307 MB

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