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1.0.2 CHANGELOG New sprites, and a splashscreen! MAJOR -Updated Amao's and Kizano's sprites! -As a result of research for story events, I realized I'd totally f...
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New Update! Featuring more art motivation, because I was a little ashamed of uploading art with such varying quality. Hopefully, by 1.1.0, all the art will be t...
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New Cover Image (and general plans)
The game page now has a new cover image to go with the release of 1.0.0! This piece took aaaaaaaaaages. (My hands hurt >m<) However, I thought it was necessary...
1.0.0 IS HERE
WHAT?! THIS GAME STILL EXISTS?! Yeah I'm as surprised as you are. It's the update with the art! It's finally the update with the art!!! The art has been the big...
2 files
i'm an unreliable piece of trash
but hey at least I know it anyways progress on the sprites because there's been some I've got three of Osoro's done out of like uhhhhhhhhhh ok wow i went lookin...
More Future Stuff- 0.3.0 Soon!
---Lovestruck 0.3.0--- Soon, the newest build of the game will be available to download, with brand new graphics, brand new gameplay, a brand new tutorial (kind...
I LIVE!!! (Post about the future)
what's rainbow stardrops we don't talk about rainbow stardrops ANYWAY! Big important Lovestruck stuff coming up. Probably not soon but sooner than what the prev...
probably not updating for a while, been focused on another major project nothing to do with yandere sim. sorry for inactivity, will probably update the game ag...
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