0.2.0- The Tutorial Update!

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh I'm horrible at this game dev thing.

The tutorial is here! Please check it out, I think it's pretty helpful on telling you how to play. Also, the Profiles and Progress screen have been merged. And I actually added the profiles. So you can click the names like buttons now. (Except ???) Each profile has the character's name, year, class, which story level they fall in, the aforementioned stat more of their events will rely on (most liked), the one that either more of their events will rely on being low or less of the events will rely on being high (least liked), and an area they are most likely to be found in.

The Day Planner no longer looks terrible, which is such a relief.


Updates and Fixes:

-Added the tutorial!

-The day planner no longer looks atrocious!

-Progress screen now contains buttons to view character profiles. The buttons still say how many points you have for them.

-Added the counter for ???'s points.

-Midori finally found her way up to the roof.

-Added a whole bunch of behind the scenes mumbo jumbo for a potential new feature that you shouldn't be able to access yet.

-Removed a certain button to do with that new feature.

-I'm a moron, the 'same random event every time' event was a result of INCREDIBLY bad luck on my part.

Added Files:

Known Bugs:
-The event that is supposed to happen as a bonus for completing the tutorial a certain way does not happen.

-Afternoon block does not have free-choice system yet. High-priority.

-Main menu image is weirdly dilated. High-priority.

-You will always have to sleep with stuffed animals, no matter which option you select. Medium-priority, since at the time this does nothing.

-Michael is supposed to have glasses. I need to fix that sprite. Medium-priority.

-The 'statistics' box in the day planner is nonfunctioning, and perhaps it never will be, since there's already a stats menu. Low-priority.

-Music repeats in the free choice menus when going back to them. Low-priority.

-I think taking screenshots makes the game break? Unconfirmed.

-Occasionally, backgrounds will go black for no reason. Uncomfirmed.

-In some areas, you can still continue making actions even when out of action points. Unconfirmed.

-I think the 0.2.0 build name is still coded in as 0.1.4... For all intents and purpouses, they're the same.

Possible Bugs:

-The very last choice system of the tutorial may be buggy, it's more complex than anything I've added yet. Please report any problems to me. 

-If you do the tutorial a specific way, you may encounter a new event in the morning. I am unsure if this overrides the typical event for choosing clothing, but it should not. If the normal event does not show up and the special one does, please tell me.


Lovestruck-0.2.0-pc.zip 231 MB
Oct 03, 2017
Lovestruck-0.2.0-mac.zip 217 MB
Oct 03, 2017

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