I LIVE!!! (Post about the future)

what's rainbow stardrops we don't talk about rainbow stardrops ANYWAY!

Big important Lovestruck stuff coming up. Probably not soon but sooner than what the previous prospects were which was none. Here's a list of a few of the changes you can expect:

  • Better art, eventually, maybe, someday
  • Removal of the day planner! It's awkward and ugly, and this game is taking most of its inspiration from Mystic Messenger and more visual-novel-y things, so I think instead of a looping day with many variable-y things, I'll just script out each day and have the player make choices along the way. The goal is to have a more 'the story is going along and I am shifting it' sort of feel than the 'I'm fumbling around in this open area trying to find a story' way it felt like before. Also it'll be way easier to code h
  • Better inventory screen! Mad props to xavimat on the forums for helping me with this one. The inventory screen is soon going to A: exist, and B: be way better than it was before. (Did it even exist before? I mean... I tried. I don't remember if that ever succeeded.) Also a profiles inventory, in case you want to pull an ace attorney and hear characters gossip about other characters.
  • Better talking to characters! The character interactions will soon be completely different than the tutorial made them out to be. There'll still be some random event conversations, because those are fun, but hopefully the new conversations will feel much more like a dating sim than anything else did.
  • Less awful tutorial! Okay, I don't think the tutorial was that bad to play through, but if you look into the code... it sucks big time. I'm cleaning it up to go along with the aforementioned better inventory screen, better conversations, and lack of a day planner.
  • More Midori! what we all needed in our lives
  • Better intro! If you're not recording there's no need to make you read all the fair use music stuff so yeah. Also hopefully I can get the NVL mode to look less ugly? I'll try

Why did I suddenly pick this up again? I don't know but I started working on the new inventory yesterday and like today 6 people downloaded the game and I feel bad for subjecting them to this product which is inferior in all ways to my plans. 

I may or may not end up making an entirely new game project and just copying and pasting stuff I want to keep to make it more orderly, but that's a lot of effort, so I'll probably work on untangling this gordian knot of python before I resort to that.

If this is the first devlog you're reading: hi! I'm kind of unreliable. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Bother the hell out of me with bug reports but maybe not if it's stuff I'm going to take out. Tell me who your best boy is. Tell me how to write the boys better. Ignore the youtuber easter eggs those are only going to come in later. I swear

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