More Future Stuff- 0.3.0 Soon!

---Lovestruck 0.3.0---

Soon, the newest build of the game will be available to download, with brand new graphics, brand new gameplay, a brand new tutorial (kinda), and a brand new inventory system!

Unfortunately, there's a few changes I have to decide on first, and for that, I need y'all's help. Because I'm bad at deciding.


Every character in the game is getting brand new sprites! Yes, sprites in the plural. Every character will have a whole folder's worth of emotions, drawn by me! However, this is going to take a while.

Yan-chan's sprites are finished for now. I don't need to make any more to release 0.3.0. These took me all day to make- and all I did was draw her torso once, then draw different faces on it one after another.

She has by far the most sprites out of any character- I went through the game so far and listed every emotion that every character would need, and since Yan-chan is present in every scene, of course she has the most. A few characters, such as the computer, Koho, and Osoro don't need many emotions yet. However, many other characters, such as Kokona, Osano, and Kizano, need a lot.

I could aim for doing one character's sprites a day- drawing them in the morning, then adding them in in the evening- and release 0.3.0 with not only a completely overhauled gameplay system, but with complete, completely new graphics. This would put 0.3.0 roughly two weeks away at maximum estimate.

However, there is another way to do this. I could draw the base sprite for every character, then put them in in place of the dumb-looking chibis, and add emotions for each character gradually over updates. (This would either result in the still-life characters being faceless or being stuck with the face that suits them the most.) For example, 0.3.1 would add some behind the scenes stuff, and Kokona's faces. 0.3.2 would be Osano, 0.3.3 would be Amao, etc etc etc. The updates would be way more underwhelming, but way more frequent, and 0.3.0 would come much much sooner.

-Which one do you think I should do?-

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I have a general idea of where I want the story to go- casual story's very basic plot, and deep story's very basic plot- and lots of specific ideas for small story bits- Osoro's secret, extra characters, Kizano's reactions to things- but I'm always looking for new concepts and story bites! Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas, and I'll take them all into consideration!

--Mido Rana and Mujo Kina--

...whoo boy.

As you probably know, Lovestruck is, in simplest terms, a 'dating simulator'. The general goal is to get the characters to fall in love with you (or, well, in this case, to make Yan-chan return their affections) and eventually start a relationship or something.

This is a very big problem for two of our characters here.

Mujo Kina and Mido Rana are adult men, and Yan-chan is a high school girl.

Mida and Muja seem to be the two most hated rivals among the community, for good reason- their relations with senpai are pretty much flat-out pedophilia. (Mida/Mido is obviously the worse offender here, which is why his name is first in the header.) In Yandere Simulator, this isn't so much of a problem- after all, your objective is to stop them from confessing to your man. However, in Lovestruck, the objective would be the exact opposite.

Writing routes for them is probably going to be incredibly uncomfortable for me to do if I keep it the same.

Again, there's a few different choices here- I could keep the routes like normal, and put up with the inevitable creepiness and whatnot, I could scrap them altogether, just making them side characters who don't get endings or anything, or (my personal favorite) I could make their routes more platonic, changing their characters so they weren't interested in romance or sexual relations per se, but something entirely different- for example, Mido's route could be about helping Yan-chan pass an important exam or something. That way, every guy gets a route, and none of it has to be creepy.

I'm not going to make a poll for this, because I'm a bit biased in my decision here, but please do comment and tell me which option you think I should go with!


Tell your friends about this game, and link them here,  so you can amass a huge number of votes and weigh the poll in favor of the choice you like better!

Seriously please comment or something I'm lonely.

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