i'm an unreliable piece of trash

but hey at least I know it

anyways progress on the sprites because there's been some I've got three of Osoro's done out of like uhhhhhhhhhh ok wow i went looking for the list in between writing like and uhh and discovered i seem to have misplaced the set of what-sprites-i-need notecards so I'm going to have to go back into the game and re-write them down. fun times

Kokona's computer sprites now exist, so you're not just staring at yan-chan's stock image room wondering what's going on; kokona and osano look alright; amao looks downright terrible but I've committed to using that imageset for now; kizano's sprite is p good but his facial expressions leave something to be desired; oko is a cutie; aso looks way younger than his actual design but that's ok cause in the game he's way younger than his actual design anyways; mujo doesn't look wistful enough and his hair is HELL to draw but he's ok; mido isn't creepy enough; and osoro has 3 faces so far

i still have the sketches for osoro, hanako, and megamo saved onto my computer so at least I can draw them in relatively the same style as I had when I sketched all these back in like may. 3.0 might not come with any background character sprites like Midori and the teacher and whatnot cause they'd look way better than all The Boys and that's bad but also the game might be weird without them. burn that bridge when we get there. MAN kirkland bottled water tastes WEIRD

i will definitely not be able to make consistent progress until marching season ends because that's a lot of be-places-do-things-ride-buses-exercise commitments but I'm going to rewrite the spritesets for the final 3 rivals, slowly digitize them, and then make more decisions from there. 

thanks for still looking at this piece of trash even so long after I made it, seriously people are still downloading it to this day and that amazes me. It further amazes me that no one's talking about it at all because I know y'all love to roast the haplessly inconsistent 

will make another devlog when there's more to say. please comment or leave a review or something because I want to know if there's real people out there

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