1.0.0 IS HERE

WHAT?! THIS GAME STILL EXISTS?! Yeah I'm as surprised as you are.

It's the update with the art! It's finally the update with the art!!! The art has been the biggest roadblock for me this whole time, and now all these pesky character sprites are finally finished! Yaaaay! They don't look good by any means, but they do look better, and now I can get back to agonizing over the story instead for a while! :D 
Other things updated include the tutorial- it's gone! (*crab rave*) I kept simplifying the way the day went until there was really no point to the tutorial anymore. I'll probably reuse bits and pieces of it- for example, Info-Kun's puzzle at the end was my favorite part, and one of the only two things that survived every incarnation of the tutorial, so it or something similar will definitely come back. Of course, Day 2 hasn't even been started yet because I was stressing out over art, but eventually it will come next
To be honest, one of the only things keeping me from giving up on this project was the constant silent support from y'all. Like... this project still gets views and downloads almost every day. I don't know how or why, but it does. Whenever I look at those statistics, I'm reminded that the thing you guys are downloading is so far removed from the file I'm working on that the difference is almost physically painful, and I've been so excited lately to show y'all how much better I've made the game that I've been making progress here and there for this whole time, ever since 0.2.0 was released back in OCTOBER OF 2017 (?!?!?!?!?!?). I still have zero idea what I'm doing, of course, but hey, at least the product is more polished. Thank you all so much for putting up with my trash for this long! ilyall uwu uwu


Major Changes
-Updated all the character art! The main rivals, Kokona, Koho, and Ayano all now have facial expressions (Waaaaay too many. Like, Ayano's little textbox head has 29 sprites. TWENTY NINE. They all have crazy amounts of pictures I don't know why I do this to myself.)! They're in no way the final sprites, of course (please don't look at Amao for too long you might just lose brain cells)(also Mido's facial expressions are less than good, megamo's line weight is off the charts, and Osoro and Hanako are both really tiny for some reason???), but they're way better than the nonsense I had before. Also, Kokona's computer sprites exist, so now you're not talking to no one at the beginning of the game!
-Fixed the Student Council and the Delinquents (the few times they appear ingame so far) so they're accurate to the characters that have been added to the game since I originally wrote the intro. (The Student Council is genderbent, the Delinquents are not. This is intentional.)
-Completely redid the tutorial day one and a half times, then flat-out-removed it.
-Related to the above one: removed lots of unneccessary features. Replaced a few of them with better ones. Forgot how to spell unneccessary.
-Added cute images to the new game intro instead of that ugly NVL text blurb.

Minor Changes
-Organized the game files better. Most notably, put all the music in a music folder, which might cause some music to not play correctly anymore. (I tested it front to back lots of times, but I might have still missed one. If this happens, and you get an error screen, just click ignore at the bottom, and leave a review of the game with a bug report! I check the reviews whenever I check the statistics, and I'll read every single one.)
-replaced none of the music. in fact, added MORE stock music. get used to it guys it's here to stay
-no seriously the gaming club has its own track now it's a bop
-Polished up the intro cutscene. Lots of teeny changes to the text.
-I think I replaced some backgrounds? Not sure about that though (update: i did not take new screenshots but i did photo edit out the nurse and the delinquents from the scenes they appeared in)
-Attempted to add an extras menu. There are no images or scenes yet, and none of the achievements are functional even if you can see them all, but the music player works! (I hope.)
-Moved Koho's introduction so he's a little less conspicuous. Everyone can already see everything about his character coming, but you know what, fight me
-removed obsolete information from the character profiles, and updated some of the still-present information
-removed two characters. did they get removed before? not sure. i've lost track of everything at this point

-Day 2!
-Updated Student Council Room background
-more sound effects
-Visuals for all the side characters (delinquents, student council, teachers, gaming club members), fully expressive sprites for Midori, and a visual for Yan-chan's phone
-More better new sprites in general! I'm talking to one of my friends about collaborating to totally redo all the art so it's better and faster to make more of!


Lovestruck-1.0.0-pc.zip 268 MB
Dec 31, 2018
Lovestruck-1.0.0-mac.zip 251 MB
Dec 31, 2018

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