New Update! Featuring more art motivation, because I was a little ashamed of uploading art with such varying quality. Hopefully, by 1.1.0, all the art will be trashy on an equal level- the characters will all have the same line weight, have the right details in place, and look like they're the right heights and standing on the same level of the foreground. (Day 2 might be pushed back to 1.2.0)

Major Changes
-Replaced the spritesets for Osano Najimi and Kokona Haruka. Still not final, but better. Amao and Kizano will probably be in 1.0.2, and so on and so forth, with new sprites for everyone, and all the single-sprite characters in 1.1.0. Currently, there are no plans to replace Ayano's sprites.
-Replaced the title screen image with an original artwork by me! It's the same picture as the new game page cover image. In the future, if I can find a way to make the image on the title screen change at random, you'll be able to get multiple different pictures, but for now, it's just the one. I'm really proud of it tho ngl
-Removed the option to skip the only gameplay there is. (You can still fast-forward through text you've already seen by holding 'ctrl'!)
-Removed access to the outdated-even-though-you've-never-seen-it inventory screens, as well as the statistics screen.
-Realized anyone who downloads the game can access all the game files. Didn't do anything to fix this, just realized it's a "problem" that exists and that I can abuse to make DLC possible. Got a little carried away with that last bit.

Minor Changes
-Added a screenshot to the game page, featuring some of the new sprites.
-Added one new achievement to the achievements list. Just so I wouldn't forget I wanted to add it in. (It's even less functional than all the others, since the very nature of it requires lots of extra work lol)
-Tidied up more game files and shuffled old graphics around and the like.
-Removed lots of now-obsolete variables.
-Fixed some typos in Day One.
-Replaced the 'scenes' menu with a menu for managing DLC- a feature I've wanted to try my hand at for a while. IT'S NOT WORKING YET, so if the menu looks weird, or does weird things, this is why. It wasn't doing anything before, anyways, so you shouldn't care. 
If this ends up working like I want it to, you'll be able to download extra game files from the game page or their own game page that feature special stories for holidays or specific characters, and use that part of the extras menu to access them. For now, this doesn't do anything, but eventually, I'll release a small test story, likely featuring Midori or something, to see if it works (and how many people are interested). It might not ever amount to anything, and if it does, it'll be a long time before I seriously start making DLC stories (I'll have to finish the main story first, lol), but implementing the possibility of DLC is almost like a personal test of skill for me. The ideal system I'm imagining is much more complex than you'd think. bear with me plz
-In addition, fully added support for DLC graphics packs- something I've also always wanted to do. There aren't any for you to download or use yet, but I've added some stuff in the game files that makes them a lot more possible and manageable! If you go into the image dlc folder in the game files, you should be able to read a text document that explains how it should work eventually. (And maybe even make your own one if you're that bored lol.) The image DLC 'system' is a proof of concept more than anything else, I had the idea for how it should work at 2am and HAD to add it in before I forgot the system I had in mind ok
(note about the DLC graphics packs: i have not tested any of this yet. aaaaaall of the directions file is pure theory. if i have got something wrong please contact me)
In addition, this new folder is where I'll start to store old art assets after they're replaced, so if you're particularly attached to any of them (for some reason), you can go find them. For example, the 1.0.0 Osano and Kokona spritesets, and a bunch of old placeholder art.

Things to expect next update maybe: Updated sprites for Amao Odayaka and Kizano Sunobu; perhaps a less cramped-looking music screen?; more dlc framework stuff because at this point i want to prove what i have in mind is possible goddamnit; I might take all the .rpy files out of the builds so you can't go in and get spoilers easily


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Jan 04, 2019
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Jan 04, 2019

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