New sprites, and a splashscreen!

-Updated Amao's and Kizano's sprites!
-As a result of research for story events, I realized I'd totally forgotten that Japanese schools do entrance ceremonies. Edited Day 1 to add one!
-Edited the opening images, and moved them so they show up before the main menu instead of before you start a new game. Let me know if they move too fast.

-Changed the 'progress' menu to sort the rivals from the other characters. I'm becoming much more confident in my knowledge of screen language!
-Furthered testing of the dlc menu system. It's almost finished! Just... all of that is in my test project and also not quiiiiite working yet. But I've almost done it I swear
-Fixed some typos
-moved more files around
-I promise I'm writing Day 2. It's being written. It is.


Lovestruck 1.0.2 (PC) 318 MB
Jan 12, 2019
Lovestruck 1.0.2 (MAC) 70 MB
Jan 12, 2019

Get Lovestruck - A Yandere Simulator Fangame


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Ignoring Comments?

I'm not, I promise!

I don't think the game is nearly big enough for a discord yet, and real life stuff tends to overwhelm me. I'll let y'all know as soon as there's news.

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are you still working on this game?

Well, I certainly am now!

I had no idea people were still interested in this project ^^' 

Currently, I'm working on two interactive text games- one similar to the flopped other project I have posted, and another that's totally original. However, I'm more than happy to pick this back up again if people are actually interested! I think this is the first comment I've ever received haha.

...unfortunately, now I kinda want to draw everything over again again. We'll see.

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Sounds like we have to wait LOoooong time for implementing

it wasn't bad to add discord URL to aware of Latest News