This one was hell to upload for some reason? Not using butler anymore anyways, the files never show up for some reason.


Updates: -Intro cutscene extended to introduce Osoro Shidesu and Hanako Yamada! -Intro cutscene retroactively added to add an unimportant side character's introduction. -Added a bunch of extra text in the intro cutscene. Mainly thoughts by Ayano. -Added extra text between the intro cutscene and the tutorial selection, covering the upcoming game mode selections. -Removed the option to access the incomplete parts of the game. -Added more behind the scenes mumbo jumbo to do with the DSE, yay.

Fixes: -Removed Aso's theme in a place where it was not supposed to play.

Added Files: -none

Known Bugs: -actual game is still unplayable trash 


Lovestruck-0.0.3-pc.zip 204 MB
Sep 04, 2017
Lovestruck-0.0.3-mac.zip 189 MB
Sep 04, 2017

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