Still no word on the major error preventing me from making progress on the actual game itself. (The day planner is completely bugged and half off-screen, and I have no idea how to reposition it and make it look decent.) Until the bug is resolved, 'Demo Mode' will not be accessible, and the game will stay a cutscene.

There are three options for what I could do between finishing the intro cutscene and fixing this error:
-Work on the code for the game mechanics behind the cutscene without testing them, and risk more errors down the line but get the basics down somewhat.
-Work on the sprites for the game, starting with Kokona's and going down the rival roster. If I were to do this, there would be more updates between now and when the error gets fixed, but the intro cutscene would be slightly strange, only having images for one or two characters at a time.
-Create head sprites for Ayano and implement them as side-images. This was planned for farther down the line, as it is not as essential, but I would love to give it a try if I have time.


-Finished Megamo's introduction! There's still a character or two to introduce, but hopefully the next update will finish off the whole intro cutscene.
-Added some events to the daily rotation. You can't access them, and they haven't been tested, but it's the start of what will hopefully become some nice-feeling gameplay.
-Edited some of Osano's dialogue to feel more natural.
-Fixed the roster of Deep Story Mode in the post-cutscene text.
-Put all the unused placeholder character sprites into their own folder. They will probably be deleted in a build or two.
-Changed the music that plays during Kokona Haruka's in-person introduction from her quieter theme to a more upbeat one. The old theme will still be used elsewhere.
-Changed some dialogue so Gemu Taku is a second-year, and not a third-year.

Added Files:

Known Bugs:
-Day planner is unusable due to position on screen


Lovestruck-0.0.4-pc.zip 204 MB
Sep 04, 2017
Lovestruck-0.0.4-mac.zip 189 MB
Sep 04, 2017

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