0.1.0 Update!

The game is playable now!!!

The game proper is still a bit of a mess, with a lot missing from it, but it now functions properly enough to give you a sense of what's planned. There's only one basic event for most of the actions you can take, and the free-choice system isn't ready yet, but they all lead into each other to create a repeating day cycle! I also finally figured out how to fuse the DSE day planner and the planned free-choices system. Every 'period of time' will have up to five action points. For example: If you select to go straight to school, and nothing happens on the way there, you will arrive at school with 5 action points to spend. However, if you encounter a character on the way there, you will only arrive at school with 4 action points. Then, you choose how to spend the rest. The only exception is walking through town in the afternoon, which is an optional 3 extra action points where otherwise you'd get none, but more negative things are likely to happen then. This system is very rudimentary, and may be changed later, but it works for what I need right now. 

I should also probably talk about stats here- you have five core stats- Cuteness, Coolness, Beauty, Smartness, and Toughness. (Don't sue me, Game Freak... T_T) Other statistics may be added as needed, but these are the five stats that will determine most stat-based events. Currently, the only way to find out your stats is going to class, but in the future, there will be a menu where you look at it. (Or I get the 'statistics' part of the day planner working...)



-The day cycle now properly functions, and basic events and things can happen such as encountering characters. Every time you get a menu and choices on actions to take, you spend one of five action points, and once you've spent them all the period will end.

-You can now encounter Osano, Oko, Hanako, Megamo, Osoro, Kokona, or Aso on your way straight to school. This will consume one of your action points for the period, but give you 'points' in their category. These 'points' are not fully implemented yet.

-You can now encounter Amao, Kizano, Mujo, Mido, or Koho on your way through town to school. This will consume one of your action points for the period, but give you 'points' in their category(except for Koho). These 'points' are not fully implemented yet.

-Added several rudimentary options for each free-choice menu. The same thing will happen every time you select each one.

-Attending class will boost one stat by anything between 10 and 15 points. You attend class twice a day. These numbers may be changed, based on what becomes  the 'normal' stat levels and increments. 

-Game is playable! Whoo!

-Day Planner no longer looks as horrendous as it used to. Still pretty bad, 


Added Files:
-One new sound effect.

Known Bugs:
-Day Planner's background will always be Yan-chan's bedroom.

-Day Planner text is incredibly buggy and almost never in frame. However, it's still clickable.

-Text box flashes before certain day planner periods

-I think taking screenshots makes the game break?  

-Not particularly a bug, but a logical problem with the game: some 'choices' probably shouldn't be allowed to be activated if you've just done it, such as visiting the gaming club in the morning or buying breakfast in town- if you want to do it again, you should have to do something else first, and some should be non-repeatable. However, I feel like this small logical problem would be rather tricky to fix.

-There is no way to find out your stats other than going to class.

-The 'stats' menu and the 'profiles' menu, accessible by little words on the top of the text box, are nonfunctioning. (Someone teach me screen language... T_T)

-The 'statistics' box in the day planner is nonfunctioning.

-Afternoon block does not have free-choice system yet.

-Music repeats in the free choice menus when going back to them

-Occasionally, backgrounds will go black

-Demo Mode's chances of encountering each character are different than what 'Casual Story' and 'Deep Story' will have. The chances are based on where the character's route lies, instead of 'is the character's route part of the mode you're playing?' and 'how difficult is this character's route to obtain?' and many other variables. These chances can easily be edited later, which is why they are different. In the future, there will also be more than one event for each character, rather than it being the same interaction every time.

-You cannot yet have random character encounters if you stay home in the morning.


Lovestruck-0.1.0-pc.zip 204 MB
Sep 08, 2017
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Sep 08, 2017

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