0.1.1- The Images Update!

It's time for the moment you've all been waiting for... Images! All the character dialogue with the 11 main characters (not including Ayano) now has sprites! Well, one sprite each. These are more placeholder-like sprites, until the final ones can be drawn, just like the stock image backgrounds are replacements for future screenshot images and the title screen image is not final. Every character, in the future, will get their own major overhaul update, in which every single scene with them in them has their doll-maker sprite replaced with drawn-out sprites complete with facial expressions! But for now, we have simple sprites that do their job okay. And that's okay.


Updates and Fixes:

-ssssssssssssssssprites. Lots of them. 

-Moved the credits to before the skip cutscene question, and updated the text.

-Fixed a whole bunch of text in the intro cutscene. This may make it harder to skip through with ctrl. Sorry.

Added Files:

-Twelve new character images

Known Bugs:

-You can still continue making actions even when out of action points.

-I think you will encounter the same character every morning if you select the same option in the same game session.

-Day Planner's background will always be Yan-chan's bedroom.

-Day Planner text is incredibly buggy and almost never in frame. However, it's still clickable.

-Text box flashes before certain day planner periods

-I think taking screenshots makes the game break?  

-Not particularly a bug, but a logical problem with the game: some 'choices' probably shouldn't be allowed to be activated if you've just done it, such as visiting the gaming club in the morning or buying breakfast in town- if you want to do it again, you should have to do something else first, and some should be non-repeatable. However, I feel like this small logical problem would be rather tricky to fix.

-There is no way to find out your stats other than going to class.

-The 'stats' menu and the 'profiles' menu, accessible by little words on the top of the text box, are nonfunctioning. (Someone teach me screen language... T_T)

-The 'statistics' box in the day planner is nonfunctioning.

-Afternoon block does not have free-choice system yet.

-Music repeats in the free choice menus when going back to them.

-Occasionally, backgrounds will go black for no reason.


Lovestruck-0.1.1-pc.zip 205 MB
Sep 09, 2017
Lovestruck-0.1.1-mac.zip 190 MB
Sep 09, 2017

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