0.1.2 Update- Minor Changes

Few minor changes and additions before I go offline for a while.

The two new characters in the gaming club may seem familiar to you... I added them mainly as references, and to test out how certain event conditions would work, but perhaps they'll be more important later... ;)

You will now encounter Osano in certain places in the game. His events will be implemented first, then events for other characters, and then the system to transition from general day-system into character routes.


Updates and Fixes:

-Added a new character to the intro cutscene! I think you know who she is already... ;) 

-Added two new characters to the gaming club. After you meet them, you may encounter them at lunch inside if you bring a bento to school. 

-Added a handful of Osano events.

-Refined the way action points were given out for the whole morning and for hanging out by the cherry tree.

-Attemped to fix bug where you would be sent to school after doing something in town, no matter how many action points you had left.

-It appears the 'same character every morning' bug was a fluke.

-Fixed the 'visit club' error where in the morning, you'd be able to choose between the gaming club and another club- you should only be able to see that menu if you joined a club, and you can't do that yet.

-Either I'm super unlucky, or the events for the two new characters don't work...

Added Files:

-Three new character images

Known Bugs:

-Michael is supposed to have glasses. I need to fix that sprite.

-In some areas, you can still continue making actions even when out of action points.

-Day Planner's background will always be Yan-chan's bedroom.

-Day Planner text is incredibly buggy and almost never in frame. However, it's still clickable.

-I think taking screenshots makes the game break?  

-There is no way to find out your stats other than going to class.

-The 'stats' menu and the 'profiles' menu, accessible by little words on the top of the text box, are nonfunctioning. (Someone teach me screen language... T_T)

-The 'statistics' box in the day planner is nonfunctioning.

-Afternoon block does not have free-choice system yet.

-Music repeats in the free choice menus when going back to them.

-Occasionally, backgrounds will go black for no reason.


Lovestruck-0.1.2-pc.zip 230 MB
Sep 10, 2017
Lovestruck-0.1.2-mac.zip 216 MB
Sep 10, 2017

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