0.1.3- The Weekend Update

Well. Hurricane Irma didn't knock out our electricity yet- it was a Tropical Storm when it got to us- and since we didn't get too screwed over. I managed to spend today being productive. Whoo!

This update adds two major things. The first is weekends- every day of the week is now counted, and there are a few things to do on Saturday and Sunday. In the future, this will be used to determine how many weeks have gone by, which is important. The events on the weekend are very rudimentary, and in the future will be much more fleshed out, especially the 'going out' option on sunday, but they fulfill the purpose they need to right now: being there.

The second is the stats and profile screen, which are now functioning. They can be found by clicking the little words in the textbox. The 'profiles' screen is still nonfunctioning, but may be merged with the progress screen in the future.You may also notice a 'new' stat: "Reputation". This has been here since the beginning, but has not been used yet. Currently, it doesn't do anything, but doing things like doing your homework or being nice to people would in theory raise it, and doing things like hanging out with Osoro or spreading rumors would lower it. It will help determine whether or not you can do certain things, and certain people's routes may depend on your reputation stat as well as their heart points. 


Updates and Fixes:

-Added the statistics screen (stats) and the screen where you can see how many points each character has (progress). 

-Began to add in weekends.

-Added heart points to the morning encounters.

-Fixed a pretty serious-seeming code error: if anyone was experiencing a bug where going to bed and going home with a friend got mixed up with each other when they happened, that should be resolved. (I don't know if it ever happened, but it certainly had the potential to.)

-Fixed bug where, when attending class in the afternoon and spending your study point on math, it would raise your smartness but display your coolness.

-Added words to the main menu image!

-Added the blank version of the main menu image to the itch.io page.

Added Files:

Known Bugs:

-You will encounter the same random event every time you fulfill its conditions. For example: every time you walk straight to school, you will encounter Oko Ruto if you got his event on day one of gameplay. HIGHEST PRIORITY

-Text is covering text on the main menu screen. High-priority.

-Afternoon block does not have free-choice system yet. High-priority.

-The 'profile' menu is nonfunctioning. Medium-priority.

-You will always have to sleep with stuffed animals, no matter which option you select. Medium-priority, since this menu option doesn't actually change anything yet..

-Michael is supposed to have glasses. I need to fix that sprite. Medium-priority.

-Day Planner's background will always be Yan-chan's bedroom. This is low-priority, since the fix probably includes making a dedicated image for the day-planner screen.

-Day Planner text is incredibly buggy and almost never in frame. However, it's still clickable, mostly readable, and doesn't break the game, so this is a low-priority bug to fix.

-The 'statistics' box in the day planner is nonfunctioning, and perhaps it never will be, since there's already a stats menu. Low-priority.

-Music repeats in the free choice menus when going back to them. Low-priority.

-I think taking screenshots makes the game break? Unconfirmed.

-Occasionally, backgrounds will go black for no reason. Uncomfirmed.

-In some areas, you can still continue making actions even when out of action points. Unconfirmed.


Lovestruck-0.1.3-pc.zip 231 MB
Sep 11, 2017
Lovestruck-0.1.3-mac.zip 216 MB
Sep 11, 2017

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